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A bail bondsman is a continuation of the criminal justice system, particularly accessible to assist the arrestee, defendant, or inmate by administering the service of posting bail for their release from custody, allowing that it is a right provided by the court. Chances Bail Bonds, who have been serving the greater Virginia, Maryland, and D.C areas, with bail bond offices throughout Virginia from Fairfax to Lynchburg, explain 5 ways an experienced bail bondsman can help not only the defendant but also the community. should you find yourself in need of bail assistance.


If you are like the majority of people your only experience with a bail bondsman is what you’ve seen on t.v, which is an extremely exaggerated interpretation of reality. Unfortunately, similar to any type of business, there are individuals who abuse the power they are given the position of a bail bondsman. That is why it best to do your research and choose a bail bondsman whom you can trust to not only provide you with assistance but who present themselves in an honest and knowledgeable way.

The organization of bail and bail bonds may seem as though it is a restricted business between a bail bondsman, the court system, and the defendants. However, the bail bond business actually has larger effects on the local and state economy than many are aware of, and most of which are actually positive. If you have ever wondered what the bail bond system does for you, here are ways that it fuels positive community growth that we can all enjoy.

1) A bail bondsman provides an affordable service to the community.

By assisting in the defendant in posting bail, it allows the defendant to get the chance to spend quality time with loved ones and friends while at the same time preparing their defense with an attorney, Chances Bail Bonds has a list of referrals for attorneys in the greater Virginia, Maryland, and DC areas, that can help build a great defense case. A much more productive situation for all concerned than sitting in jail awaiting court.

2) They add more jobs to the community.

With the topic of unemployment strongly debated, most discussions focus on how to create more jobs for Americans everywhere. And no matter where the conversation veers, most everyone agrees that more employed individuals will lead to a better society overall.

The bail bond industry contributes to this by opening up numerous employment opportunities for Americans of all skill levels that wish to work in the criminal justice system. And as more and more jobs are created in this industry, fewer citizens will face the prospect of not having a job.

3) The exchange of money is positive for the community.

Economists across the world have debated whether or not consumer spending is a driver of economic growth, or simply a consequence. Ultimately though, many economists concur over the fact that money changing hands in an economy is a sign of a strong economy, and should be fostered in every way possible. Because the bail bond system epitomizes this concept entirely (as it is an industry in which money changes hands), the growth of these endeavors are a sure sign of positive growth and should be encouraged, as this then can have a positive effect on us all.

4) Bail bonds add money back into the community.

Have you ever imagined what would happen though, if individuals were forced to pay the full amount, or instead wait in jail until the start of the court proceedings? Countless more men and women would end up staying in jail, which would leech money from taxpayers across the entire country. Because the incarcerated must be fed, clothed, sheltered, and tended to in a humane manner, huge sums of money would be allocated to this endeavor in the prisons, taking it away from other, more pressing projects. With the existence of the bail bond system, this capital is freed up, allowing it to be spent on civic projects, such as better education systems, sturdier roads, and anything else the taxpayers want.

5) Bail bonds are good for the community.

Yes, bail bonds are an easy way for you to assure the release of a family member or a loved one, but also they help aide a growing economy for everyone. If you know someone that is in need of assistance from a knowledgeable, an experienced and trustworthy bail bondsman in the greater Virginia, Maryland, and D.C areas, contact Chances Bail Bonds today to start the process immediately.