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When someone you love finds themselves in trouble with the law, the first thing you want to do is get them home as quickly as possible. That is why it’s so vital to understanding all you can about the different bond options available to you when working with a bail bondsman. Chances Bail Bonds located in Northern Virginia is the area’s leading bail bondsman with many years experience in assisting families throughout the bail bond process.

Chances Bail Bonds uses their resources with the local court system to help families get through the judicial process as efficiently and soon as possible. No matter if it is the middle of the night or a holiday, Chances Bail Bonds is a 24-hour bail bondsman that gets to work right away to give you the help you need.

There are three types of bonds you should be aware of that will speed up your bail bond service:

Cash Bonds
A cash bond is where a cash payment must be paid in full to release a defendant from jail. This money will be refunded if the defendant appears at all hearings, pleads guilty, or is found to be guilty.

Surety Bonds
A surety bond is set when a bail bondsman posts the binding obligation to release the defendant. This type of bond is common when the defendant’s family doesn’t have the necessary money to cover the bail themselves. It is backed by an insurance company and requires a bondsman’s fee.

Property Bonds
A property bond requires you to put your own property up as collateral to have the defendant released. Because property bonds can be more intricate than other bond options, they should put together with the help of an experienced bail bondsman and attorney.

Bailing a family member out of jail can be an extremely stressful situation. However, the process can be much more straightforward with the help of a trusted bail bondsman.

If you find yourself in trouble, or a family member or friend has been arrested in the greater Virginia, Maryland, or D.C area, Chances Bail Bonds are the number one most trusted resource for bail bonds and helpful information regarding the justice system. Contact us today online, or call 877-787-3380.