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Bail bondsmen work against media-driven stereotypes. When you watch a movie or a TV show, the bondsman you often see is full of tattoos and looks like personal hygiene is the last thing on his mind. What can we do when we aren’t “that guy?”

Turn the tables.

The best way to show people that we are legitimate business owners is to reflect that identity in how we represent ourselves. Look like a professional, and act like one. That’s the first step.

We are thought of as men and women who are out to milk frightened people of money. That is another stereotype we need to put to bed. That is where the second step comes in.

The second step is to reflect, in every client interaction we have, what our goals are. Bail bonds are a community service, and we need to show people that.

You’re going to ask me “How in the world are you providing a community service?”

We do these things:

  1. Bring families together
  2. Give defendants time to make their case
  3. Help scared people by showing them they are not alone
  4. By being available 24/7 in a time of crisis
  5. Supporting the justice system
  6. Most importantly, we provide advice and the chance for all those things to happen

Not convinced?

Look at it this way…Every family contributes to their neighborhood just by being present. Every neighborhood contributes to the local community. There’s a chain here. Goodness climbs that chain, and so does fear.

Help relieve fear in one family, and you positively affect that neighborhood. That pressure is relieved all the way up the chain. That is how bail bonds are a community service.

These are the things we believe in at Chances Bail Bonds. Give us a chance to show you.

Merry Christmas from all of us!