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Fairfax, Virginia (December 15, 2016) – A. Chance Duncan of Chances Bail Bonds in Fairfax, VA releases a book entitled “Ready Set Bail”. According to author and long-time professional in the bail bonds business, Mr. Duncan, he wrote the book to serve as a guide for the many defendants who are dealing with complicated legal matters across the country. He hopes that by being more informed, people going through the process can save money, time and even their own health.


After his service in the United States Marine Corps, Mr. Duncan decided to start Chances Bail Bonds LLC. He now has twelve years’ worth of experience as the owner and operator of his own bail bonds business and is a valued member of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States. Additionally, his company has helped over 17,000 clients to gain their freedom. He has also personally observed over 30,000 motions and trials as well as train and license more than twenty-five bail agents.

As a bail bonds service professional, Mr. Duncan has valuable insights and knowledge about how bail works. In his book, he discusses at length how people or loved ones of a defendant should deal with bondsmen to get the best results. General information such as what types of bonds are available, the procedures involved when working with bondsmen, legal obligations of the person who posts bonds and the potential issues that could arise should the person who was let out on bond should they violate anything in the agreement. In the book are also some of the essential forms and documents an individual might come across when posting bond, so they would already be familiar.

There are also many pitfalls in the bond procedure that need to be avoided. For instance, defendants must learn to distinguish a good deal from a bad one or avoid overpaying for a bond. Reading “Ready Set Bail” can be an informative experience.


Ready Set Bail

Ready Set Bail: How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of Bail






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