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There is no person that actually plans or wishes to be arrested, but having knowledge about how to conduct yourself should you be arrested can make the world of difference between gracefully making it through a rough situation or quite literally exasperating the situation by kicking and screaming your way through it. Rest assured, however, that there are certain actions taken during the course of an arrest which may increase the charges with which the person was originally arrested for. Chances Bail Bonds, who are located throughout Virginia, and serve the surrounding Maryland and D.C areas, has extensive knowledge in how to conduct yourself should you be arrested.

How To Conduct Yourself If You Are Arrested; Chances Bail Bonds

How To Conduct Yourself If You Are Arrested; Chances Bail Bonds


Every citizen has rights that should be exercised when they are arrested, the right to know the reason for the arrest, the right to remain silent, the right to be searched in a reasonable manner and the right to a lawyer.

What is the best way to conduct yourself during an arrest?

Violence would only lead to an accumulation of charges on the part of the arrested, and while the person being arrested has the right to remain silent, however, when placed in a stressful and unexpected situation of being arrested makes people instinctually try to talk their way out of the nightmare they find themselves in. Try to think clearly, and keep silent until you have collected yourself enough to decide if an when you should speak. Keep in mind that the arresting officer would not be placing you under arrest if they did not have probable cause. Arguing and pleading your case will only fall on deaf ears, and could further implicate you in the long run. The best thing you could do is keep calm and adhere to whatever instructions given to you by the police. When given the opportunity contact family or friends that are willing to help with setting up bail and find the resources to get counsel from a knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyer.

What NOT To Do

Again it is vitally important to remember that your conduct upon arrest can vastly affect the outcome as far as charges, and future court appearances. If you react in a menacing, violent or resistant manner, not only could you end up getting seriously injured, but you may find yourself with added felony charges of aggravated assault against an officer or resisting arrest.,

Remember that you have the right to a lawyer.

If the alleged offender is being taken into custody, they have the right to contact a lawyer, if you can not afford one, the court will appoint one to you. Wait to speak to your lawyer before you speak to any law enforcement. Remain cordial and compliant but clearly state, ” I am waiting to speak with my lawyer.” if asked for a statement. The defendant must be seen by a judge before either being released or given the chance to post bail.

Being prepared and informed of your rights and how to conduct yourself can save a lot of pain and hardship related to an unfortunate arrest. The best course of action is to exercise fully all of your rights.


If you find yourself in trouble, or a family member or friend has been arrested in the greater Virginia, Maryland, or D.C area, Chances Bail Bonds are the number one most trusted resource for bail bonds and helpful information regarding the justice system. Contact us today online, or call 877-787-3380.