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Research shows that there are over 10 million arrests for crimes in the United States every year. In the US, criminal case attorneys make sure that people in custody still have their constitutional protections guaranteed. If you are charged in a criminal case, you should know what it’s like to work with these professionals.

Read further to find out what you need to know about lawyers in a criminal case and what to expect working with them. Then you’ll know how to get the best outcome for your case.

What’s a Criminal Case Lawyer?

Criminal case attorneys defend organizations or individuals who have been charged with a crime. These crimes may be at the misdemeanor or felony level. Criminal cases range from domestic violence matters to theft and fraud.

The US constitution guarantees criminal defendants that a court-appointed lawyer can be assigned to help them. These court-appointed lawyers will be hired free of charge if the defendant is indigent or can’t afford one.

Court-appointed criminal lawyers sometimes have their own private practice. Other attorneys may be professionals hired by public governmental offices to defend persons who can’t afford legal representation. These public attorneys are called public defenders.

What’s a Public Defender?

Some states establish what are called public defender offices. Local jurisdictions have a chief public defender who hires a team of assistant public defenders. These assistant public defenders are licensed attorneys who represent indigent criminal defendants just like other appointed criminal lawyers do.

What Can Lawyers in a Criminal Case Do For You?

Both public defenders and private lawyers represent defendants during the many phases of the criminal court process. These phases include arraignments, trials or settlement conferences. Some of their specific responsibilities include:

• Investigating the case;
• interviewing witnesses;
• Researching existing statutes;
• Drafting legal arguments;
• Negotiating for plea bargains or lesser charges; and
• Preparing clients for trial and what to know about court.

Questions to Ask Lawyers in a Criminal Case

Your court-appointed defense is ready and able to answer any questions you have about your case. Questions you should ask include:

Explain Charges and Timelines

Ask your appointed counsel to explain the existing charges in your case and the milestones involved with processing your case. They can also highlight any deadlines that you need to comply with that are coming your way.

Merits of Your Case

You can also ask your appointed counsel for their opinion on the merits of your case. That’s the time they can share what the local prosecutor’s plea settlement practices are and what the best strategy could be for your case.

Preferred Communication Methods

Ask them how you can contact them as your case moves through the system. They can tell you what communications work for them and how fast they can respond.

Next Steps

If you’ve recently been accused in a criminal matter, it’s important that you act right away. Finding a criminal case lawyer to represent you is the smartest first move you can make. Contact us for referrals to finding lawyers in a criminal case in Maryland and Virginia.

Remember that both a public defender or court-appointed attorney can represent your best interests. Don’t try to submit papers or investigate your case on your own. These legal professionals have the necessary experience with court procedures to prepare your case for trial.

If you or a family member are in trouble with the law, give us a call. Chances Bail Bonds are a trusted source for tips on the justice system. We’ll help make sure your constitutional rights are protected.