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When you think about going to court it most definitely does not elicit warm happy feelings in the pit of your stomach, in fact, it can be quite stressful. So why in the world would you even decide to go to court? Chances Bail Bonds, who have been providing bail bonding services and top-notch information and resources to the greater Virginia, Maryland, and D.C areas for over 14 years, provides tips to help soothe you through the proceedings and keep your wits about you.

The courtroom can sometimes feel as if it was created to induce anxiety, between the judge and all the people in the courtroom seemingly focused on you, it’s hard to focus on what needs to be done in order to have a successful outcome. With these helpful tips listed below, hopefully, with the power of knowledge, you will be able to face any situation in court with confidence.



If at all possible look for mediation instead of litigation.

In just about all circumstances, mediating a situation is more desirable instead of litigating the situation in open court. Litigation is like combat with distinct sets of very structured and uniformed rules. Mediation, however, is a lot less formal and looks to locate a middle ground where both parties can be satisfied. Mediation is perfect because it puts aside the thought of “winning and losing” and instead looks to just solve the issue at hand. Most people are more than willing to compromise and reach a settlement when there is no pressure to win or the anxiety of losing.  Also, mediation is ideal because there are less pressure and concern about money and expenses.


Maintain control of your case.

It is certain that the best lawyers in the industry are the lawyers that comprehend the significance of constant communication with their clients. It is best to keep in mind, that the case that your lawyer is working on is in fact, your case. Let your attorney know that you want to be completely informed and engaged in the major decisions in regards to your case.


If you choose to represent yourself, keep in mind that the judges and clerks are public servants.

Taxes are used to pay the wages and salaries of the judges and court clerks that you will argue your case in front of. Unfortunately, people that choose to represent themselves in court can be looked down on by the court staff.People that represent themselves in court are usually advised to hire legal counsel. If this should happen, or you get confused by the legal jargon and rules, make sure to remain calm and ask for clarification. If you show an interest in following correct courtroom procedures and rules, judges and court clerks are more apt to help.

It is okay to relax, laugh even, when appropriate.

“Not only will laughing at the small, yet funny, things in court help you with your own confidence, but it may improve the mood of the courtroom in general. Remember that judges are people too and often appreciate levity when it is appropriate. So when you make a blunder in a speech to a judge, don’t be afraid to grin and laugh a little.” – Ten Court Tips: How To Survive Your Day in Court (FindLaw)


Follow the proper etiquette while waiting in the back of the courtroom.

Make sure that you appear to pay attention. It is helpful to really listen and learn about the process, including the judge before your case. Give the impression that you are interested in the proceedings, and maintain a polite, respectful demeanor to the courtroom staff, clerk, and others as they will report your behavior.

Be aware of your actions. Reading a newspaper, listening to your iPod, using your cell phone or just talking to others as a case is in progress will definitely make you stand out for the wrong reasons. Just as staff and clerks will report the good behavior they will also do the same for the bad. No matter if you agree or disagree, no matter how strongly you feel wronged, do not let your negative emotions override your self-control. Angry outbursts, rolling your eyes or being verbally aggressive will only hurt your case in the end.

Know how to speak to the judge.

Simply put, always refer to the judge as “Your Honor” and speak with respect. DO NOT act angry, irritable, aggravated or short-tempered with the judge, even if you are upset about your case.

And finally, dress for success!

It is not required that you show up in formal attire, however, you most definitely want to present a neat and professional appearance. In the circumstance that you have to come immediately from work, make sure that you do mention it. The judge should be understanding.

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