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Important phone numbers come in handy when helping someone in jail or after an arrest. But do you know you can learn how to remember numbers?

We believe that everyone in life deserves a chance. A phone number will help you to connect with your loved one in that scenario! 

How Should You Remember Important Phone Numbers?

Unlike words, numbers are hard to memorize since they’re abstract. Some of us have no emotional attachment to specific numbers.

If you want to learn how to remember numbers, you need to find their meaning. Let me take you through some ways on how to boost your number memory.

Split Long Numbers into Smaller Ones

Do you know the working memory of a standard person can hold approximately seven arbitrary information units at a go? However, through organizing or “chunking” the items in certain ways, you can boost your number memory.

For instance, it’s hard to memorize this sequence of ten numbers: 7814921945. But if you break it into three chunks, it becomes easy to recall.

Create Patterns

Are you seeking to learn how to memorize phone numbers quickly? Look for relationships in longer numbers. Do the initial two sum to the third one?

Utilize those patterns to form a phrase using more arbitrary numbers. For a number 6700 0123, for instance, mark the pattern “0123” and check out the way to remember it using 670. State something like, “After spending a credit limit of $670, there is nothing left.”

Create Associations

Our birthdays, anniversaries and number plates, for instance, are all identified with certain numbers. To remember new numbers, create associations between the numbers of your desire and the numeric memories already lodged in your brain.

Active Learning

Do you know our muscles have bigger memories than our brains? So don’t only think about the number.

Pronounce it loud a minimum of three times. As you read it loudly, your brain signals the muscles of your mouth to state them, and your ears will pass them along. You’ll use a bigger part of your brain.

Don’t stop there but write the number a few more times. You can also sing it to a memorable tune.

Repeat It

After memorizing the number, set your time as you think of the associations made. Repeat one hour after you’ve done it. Did you know that after one hour your memory is most vulnerable to forgetting, degrading, or misinterpreting something?

Repeat the number after 24 hours. Replicate the process after one week and lastly after one month. By doing so, the numbers stick in your long-term memory.

You can hold onto whatever is left after one month. With the numbers, you’ll have an easy time calling someone to come and bail you out.

Envision the Shape of Keypad Numbers

Most people apply this method to memorize phone numbers. The technique is also helpful for a credit card, ZIP codes, PINs, and more. It’s more practical for visual people or when dealing with numbers that create straightforward patterns such as an L or X.

Converting Numbers to Images or Words

A more advanced technique is to assign the numbers 1 to 9 specific letters. For instance, A=1, B=2, etc. For example, somebody with 2737 as their new PIN, they would change it to BGCG. 

Bottom Line

As we have explained, important phone numbers generally come in handy during emergencies. By utilizing the above methods of memorizing numbers, you can help your loved one.

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