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If someone you care about has gotten in trouble with the law, your first priority is to see if you can help him post bail. But there are cases when the bail is set at an amount that you cannot afford. This is why you may need to use bail bonds.

At the same time, the bail process is also quite unfamiliar for a lot of people. After all, it’s not a process that you’ll want to get used to. Heading over to jail to visit and work on the bail of your loved one may be difficult, especially if you don’t know how it works.

The entire bail process is more complicated than you could possibly imagine. This is because you are looking at entirely different set of processes if the judicial officer decides to deny bail, require excessive bond, or fix unreasonable terms.

bail bondsman guide

A lot of things can happen with the initial bail decision

If the initial bail decision is brought by a district court capias or warrant, the case needs to be appealed to a district court. If the initial bail decision is brought by a direct indictment and has been made by a deputy clerk, clerk or magistrate, the appeal shall be made to the circuit court.

However, if the appeal of the initial bail decision taken from any charge that is originally pending in the district court after charges have been appealed, transferred to a circuit court or certified, the charges have to be appealed to the circuit court where the case is pending.

Once a bail decision has been made, appeals can be filed. This is subject to even more procedures.

On the other hand, a bail decision that has been made by a judge may be successively appealed to the next higher court. A lawyer may also appeal a bond, bail or recognizance decision for your accused loved one and the decision of the court regarding this may depend on certain conditions set forth by various laws on appeal, bond or recognizance order.

Work with a bail expert to help you get through this arduous process.

This is exactly where a Fairfax bail bondsman comes in. He will stand as surety for your loved one’s bail for a set fee. This will make it easy for your loved one to be released from jail pending his court trial. In fact, a bail bondsman will be able to assist you with all the paperwork from start to finish. This way, you never have to worry about processing bail on your own.


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