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Have you ever had a run-in with a law enforcement officer that was a bit too close for comfort? You may have actually broken the law or you could have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Whatever the case is, you may have told yourself to search the internet for ‘what to do if arrested.’ It was likely a fleeting thought, one that was long-forgotten, but it is definitely important to have a plan!
We are going to discuss what to do if you are arrested and give you a quick look at what to expect. Keep reading to find out more!
Keep Quiet and Don’t Resist
If you are in the process of having handcuffs placed on your wrists, do yourself a favor and keep quiet. Refusing to speak is your right, as is obtaining legal representation. It is advisable to do both.
There is no need to be rude or demanding, as demands will not likely be met and being rude will simply place you in an unfavorable light with the officer. don’t resist the officer or argue. This may result in additional charges which may mean higher bail.
Make Mental Notes
Staying silent will also help ensure you don’t have to remember anything you told law enforcement and that your story doesn’t become distorted. Additionally, it will allow you to better focus on your circumstances surrounding your arrest.
Details like what you were doing minutes before the arrest, what the officer said upon approach, and whether or not you were informed of your Miranda Rights can all be crucial to your case.
If there are witnesses to your arrest, try to remember who they are. Witnesses may help corroborate your story if your rights have been violated.
After Booking
While you are waiting for”>the booking process to begin or directly after, you will be given the right to use a phone. This is when you will need to begin the process of bonding out.
It may seem as though everyone in jail has a ‘friend’ that can serve as a bondsman and you will hear a lot of jailhouse legal advice. Avoid these scenarios as best as you can, as the information offered is not always true, legal, or pertinent to your case.
Calling a licensed bail bonding company will go a long way to getting you out of jail quickly and often can give you recommendations for defense attorneys that are best suited for your case.
Final Thoughts: What to Do If Arrested
If you or a loved one is arrested, the required bail will seem impossible to pay which further adds to the stress of legal woes. This is where bail bonding companies come in.
Knowing exactly what to do if arrested is not something someone wants to be familiar with–but if you end up in the custody of the law, contact us to secure your release!