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There is nothing more disturbing than to get a call from a family member or friend who has been arrested and needs assistance with a bail bond. The bail bondsman at Chances Bail Bonds, located throughout Virginia, completely appreciates the confusion and chaos that phone call can cause. To ease some of the stress of the bail bond process Chances Bail Bonds lays out what needs to be done before contacting a bail bondsman. They are available day or night to quickly assist in obtaining a bond.

Before contacting your local professional bail bondsman, ensure that you have the following information available:

  • The Exact Location Of The Person In Custody: When contacting your bail bondsman, you will need to give the name of the jail facility as well as the city and state in which it is located. Your bondsman will need that information to get in contact with the jail and begin the process to get the person in custody bailed out.
  • The Full Name And The Booking Number Of The Person In Custody: Your bondsman needs the person who’s been arrested’s full name and their booking number to identify the correct person being held.
  • The Full Amount Of The Bail Set: Once a bail bondsman knows how much the bail is, they will then be able to break down the cost to tell you how much will be needed to post the bond and what else is needed to release the individual from jail.


With Chanced Bail Bonds, people can obtain relief from the anxiety of having someone held in jail. By providing 24-hour bail bondsman service to the community, Chances Bail Bonds takes some of the stress away from individuals facing bailing out a person in custody.

Delivering fast, professional, knowledge, resources and bail bonds service is Chances Bail Bonds specialty.




If you find yourself in trouble, or a family member or friend has been arrested in the greater Virginia, Maryland, or D.C area, Chances Bail Bonds are the number one most trusted resource for bail bonds and helpful information regarding the justice system. Contact us today online, or call 877-787-3380.