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Fairfax County Bail Bonds

Fairfax County Bail Bonds

Fairfax County Bail Bonds

Getting arrested has a heap of grave implications upon a person, the foremost of that is on their liberty. Being unable to exercise freedom in the movement will severely AN effect on} the life of an accused. fortunately, there’s the legal relief referred to as bail bonds, whereby the parties concerned will get into an appointment with bureau like ours here at possibilities Bail Bonds and can be setup to temporarily let the accused out on bail to better work on the details of his/her case.

Fairfax County detention center

Fairfax County Jail is located in downtown Fairfax at 10520 Judicial Drive, It’s just west of Chain Bridge Road. The jail is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with a magistrate and other jail officials on site to serve you. more info can be found here.

Exceptions and time frame for Bail

There are times throughout the day once bail can’t be posted for court and operational functions. a normal time once posting a bond at Fairfax County Adult detention center is four to six hours; time might vary depending upon scheduled processes throughout the week.

Requirements to Admission to Bail, Its Virginia Bail Bonding laws

When arrested on a criminal misdemeanor or felony charge, defendants square measure brought in front of the justice for the aim of a bond hearing. Magistrates decide the terms of bail according to these all criteria.

The magistrate may release the suspect on a written promise to seem in court with or while not associate degree unsecured recognizance. However, if the magistrate isn’t reasonably certain that the accused can appear for trial, he or she has the discretion to need the execution of a recognizance with surety in an exceedingly reasonable quantity and impose such different conditions deemed fairly necessary to ensure look at trial. The financial add of the recognizance can be forfeited if the accused fails to appear in court or violates any condition of bail. If the suspect poses associate degree unreasonable danger to him or others, or if it’s probably that the suspect won’t seem in court, the magistrate may hold the accused in jail while not bail.

In the event this takes place, the defendant can seem before the judge for arraignment court the next morning. For further details contact our professional staff.

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