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Prince William County Bail Bonds

How Virginia Bail Bonds Work in Prince William County


Prince William County Bail Bonds - Chances Bail Bonds


Prince William County jail is located at 9320 Lee Ave. Manassas, Virginia 20110. The contact phone number for that facility is 703 792-6420, and it’s open twenty-four hours on a daily basis, seven days per week.

With a magistrate and alternative jail officers on the website to serve you. Visit their web site for a lot of data.

About Our Bail Bonds Process

We offer a 24-hour bail bonds service to the public. Please call us for further assistance.

There are times during the day when bail cannot be posted because of the count and operational purposes. It usually takes 3-4 hours to post bail at the Prince William County detention center.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

When arrested on a criminal misdemeanor, or criminal charge, defendants are brought in front of the magistrate for the purpose of a bond hearing.

The bail bonds process is wholly determined by one’s actions and the outcome of their time in front of the legal official.

Magistrates decide the terms of bail by examining certain facts about the accused, like the:

  • Nature and circumstances of the offense charged
  • Whether a piece is alleged to are used in the offense
  • Weight of the evidence
  • The character of the accused
  • The accused’s family ties
  • Employment
  • Monetary resources
  • Length of residence within the community
  • Involvement in education
  • Past record

Plus, whether or not the accused is likely to hinder or attempt to obstruct justice, or threaten, injure, or intimidate, or attempt to threaten, injure, or intimidate a prospective witness, juror, or victim.

Working with a Bail Bonds Agent

The magistrate may release the accused on a written promise to appear in court with or while not an unsecured bail bond. However, if the magistrate isn’t reasonably certain that the accused can seem for trial, he or she has the discretion to need the execution of a bail bond with surety in a very cheap amount, and impose other conditions deemed cheap and necessary to ensure look at trial.

The monetary add of the bail bond is often forfeited if the accused fails to seem in court or violates any condition of bail. If the defendant poses an associate unreasonable danger to himself or others, or if it’s likely that the accused won’t seem in court, the magistrate could commit the accused to jail while not bail. Within the event this takes place, the defendant can seem before the judge for legal instrument court the next morning.

For any details please be at liberty to contact our skilled staff at your convenience. Give us a call, today, to discuss how you can obtain the best bail bonds in Prince William County.