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Stafford County Bail Bonds

Rappahannock Regional Jail is found at 1745 Jefferson Davis main road in Stafford County Virginia. The jail is open twenty-four hours seven days every week with official and punitive officers on website to serve you. Click here for his or her web site. There are times during the day once bail can’t be posted because of the count and operational schedules. normally it takes 4 to 6 hours to post bail.

The Rappahannock Regional Jail may be a unique jail within the sense that it homes inmates and defendants for Stafford County, Fredericksburg town, Spotsylvania County, and King George County. once in remission on a criminal misdemeanour, or law-breaking charge, a litigant can seem before an official in either jurisdiction for the aim of a bond hearing. they’re then transported to the Rappahannock Regional Jail wherever they’ll be discharged or command while not bond.

Magistrates decide the terms of bail by examining bound facts regarding the suspect such as:

the nature and circumstances of the offense charged
whether a piece is purported to be used in the offense
the weight of the proof
the character of the suspect
the accused’s family ties, employment, money resources
length of residence within the community
involvement in education
past record
whether the accused is probably going to hinder or attempt to obstruct justice or threaten, injure, or intimidate, or commit to threaten, injure, or intimidate a prospective witness, juror, or victim
The official could release the accused on a written promise to look in court with or while not AN unsecured bail. However, if the official isn’t reasonably positive that the suspect can seem for trial, he or she has the discretion to want the execution of a bail bond with surety in a cheap quantity and impose such alternative conditions deemed cheap to confirm look at trial.

The financial add of the bail will be confiscated if the accused fails to look in court or violates any condition of bail. If the suspect poses an unreasonable danger to himself or others, or if it’s possible that the accused won’t seem in court, the official may commit the accused to jail while not bail. within the event this takes place, the litigant can seem before the choose for official document court subsequent morning or business day. For more details please feel free to contact our professional employees at your convenience.