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Social Media and Bail Bonds

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Even our industry needs solid and frequent social media outreach. That might sound really strange, because you don’t think about bail bonding as a business where touching people through the internet is important. We stand around in court houses, right?


Because we’re consultants at Chances Bail Bonds, we want to impart some information that we’ve discovered. Some of it might sound really simple, but you’d be surprised how these things are ignored by businesses of all kinds.

People are on the internet all the time. Why? Cell phones and tablets. I was talking to a restaurant owner not long ago, and he was all about his sign out front. That’s what he uses to list his specials every day, but it doesn’t bring in any business. I told him that’s because he’s not reaching people where they are: mobile devices. Local searches.

These days, if people are going to do business with you, you better be where they can see you. More than that, you need to be KNOWN to them, or available to be KNOWN. This is so important when you use social media. It is an opportunity for people to get to know you and decide to give you their business.

Guess what, the part about people wanting to get to know you before they do business with you…that is OLD SCHOOL. People still work that way. Social media is just a new tool to do old things.

You must not forget to communicate with your audience. They might not need you this instant, but if they know you, they’ll remember you when they do.

This is why Chances Bail Bonds reaches out on social media. We want potential customers to know us, know we’re experienced and on the level. But there’s something we want just as much: we want to know who YOU are, that way we can help you better. It is a two way street.

Check us out on our social media channels, like us, friend us, and we will keep up with you, too.



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