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Bond hearings are held daily in most jurisdictions throughout Virginia.
At a bond hearing the defendant and counsel present to the court why a bond should be set by the court so the defendant can secure freedom while pending trial. In rebuttal The commonwealth attorney presents an argument on the state’s behalf assessing risk of flight and danger to the community. The judge then makes a determination on whether the defendant is released on a secure or unsecured bond. If a secure bond is set it can be posted with cash, property, or a corporate surety (bondsman). If a bond isn’t set it can be appealed to a higher court. For more info you can contact a attorney for further assistance. If a Bond is set, a bond hearing is scheduled and a bond is expected please feel free to contact us at chances bail bonds and we would be glad to assist and help you through the bail bond process. 1 877 787-3380

Arraignments are held daily in most jurisdictions throughout Virginia. Arraignments consist of defendants who are held without bail and those who for some reason were not able to make bail the night prior. At arraignment court the judge let’s the defendant know what he or she has been formally charge with,and the defendant’s rights to an attorney. The judge also sets a preliminary hearing date. If you have a loved one going up for an arraignment and are looking to secure bail. Please feel free to contact us 24/7 we will be glad to help you anywhere in Virginia and nationwide 1 877 787-3380.