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Bail in Virginia

Arrested in Virginia?

gavelChances Bail Bonds can help! We offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, bail bonding services for cases such as traffic violations, a misdemeanor, and felonies in all areas throughout Virginia.

At Chances, we understand that all it can take is one mishap or misunderstanding to find oneself in the custody of a jail facility in, Virginia. This is why we pride ourselves in providing fast, prompt and professional services to our clients in need of speedy bail. Our experienced bail bonding agents are equipped to guide you through the bail process, and our bonds are offered at the lowest rate allowed by law. This ensures that our clients get the bail services they need and deserve at the most affordable price.

Arrested in Virginia: Bond Hearing
When arrested on a criminal, misdemeanor or felony charge, defendants are brought in front of the Magistrate for the purpose of a bond hearing. Magistrates decide the terms of bail by examining certain facts about the accused, such as the nature and circumstances of the offense, the character of the accused, past record, family ties, employment, financial resources, length of residence in the community, and whether the accused is likely to obstruct or attempt to obstruct justice, or threaten, injure, or intimidate a prospective witness, juror, or defendant.

Arrested in  Virginia: Posting Bond
Bonds may be paid or arranged 24 hours a day, 7 seven days a week, at the Magistrate’s office located near the Detention Center; but there are brief times during the day when bail cannot be posted for the count and operational purposes. The normal time frame for posting a bond at the Adult Detention Center is between 1 to 4 hours.

The magistrate may release the accused on a written promise to appear in court with or without an unsecured bail bond. However, if the magistrate is not reasonably sure that the accused will appear for trial, he or she has the discretion to require cash or corporate surety bail bond of a reasonable amount and impose other conditions deemed reasonably necessary to ensure appearance at trial.

Arrested in Virginia: No Bond/Denied Bond
If the accused poses a risk of danger to himself or others, or if it is likely that the accused will not appear in court, the magistrate may hold the accused in jail without bail or bond. In the event, this takes place the defendant will appear before a judge in court the next morning for an advisement or arraignment hearing.

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Arrested in Virginia: Bond Motions
If the courts continue to deny an accused’s bond, the accused will need to contact an attorney to schedule a bond motion. During a bond motion, the attorney for accused will formally ask the court to reduce the accused’s bond to a reasonable amount and present a case as to why the request is deemed necessary. During this time, the attorney will attempt to prove the accused’s good character, stable residence, and work, as well as family ties to the community. If the court feels that the lawyer was able to prove his or her case, the judge will reduce the accused’s no bond to a reasonable bond secured by cash, property, surety or personal recognizance. If the accused is awarded a bail bond, he or she will be able to arrange the bond to be posted immediately after court. If the court continues the accused’s denied bond, the judge will briefly explain the court’s reasonable concerns. Bond motions with the court may be filed 5 days a week by an attorney, and as many times as the attorney feels necessary.

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For information bail bonds and terms you may come across during the bail bonding process in Virginia, read through our complete glossary of bail bonding terms.


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