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Warrant Turn In

Here’s the situation. You discover there’s a warrant for your arrest and you consider turning yourself in, even if you don’t have all the information. There are steps you need to take before calling the police or walking into the local police station.

Speak to a lawyer. If you do this before you respond to that warrant, you have the opportunity to choose a legal representative you trust. A lawyer will help you make better decisions, he will uncover the details of the warrant, and offer you advice about how to proceed.

You want to do this ahead of time, because contacting an attorney while you’re being held is more difficult because you are under an immense amount of pressure to make a decision quickly.

Depending on the reason you haven’t been informed about your court date or warrant, the judge may already have set a bond for you. Your lawyer will find this out, too, and inform you. This gives you the chance to contact a bail bondsman ahead of incarceration, or to gather the funds on your own.

From this point, it is up to you to actually turn yourself in. Call your local sheriff, and wait patiently for them to arrive. During arrest, be polite and respectful.

You will be read your Miranda Rights, and then transported to the police station. Even if you have been in this position before, arrest is a stressful situation, and you MUST remember not to resist, or answer questions.

The Miranda Rights give you the legal right to not answer questions without an attorney present. Anything and everything you say regarding your case can be used against you during your court appearance. Please remember these rights are not a joke.

Another reason you may turn yourself in is when you report for a jail sentence after conviction. There are things to remember in this case also. Be on time. Do not carry weapons, jewelry, or anything other than your wallet when you appear for processing. Make absolutely sure you have identification: your drivers license or some form of photo id, cash or credit cards you might need to post bail, prescription medications in their original packages, glasses (if you wear them), and a copy of the sentencing order.

Always, always be courteous and polite.

Good behavior always helps you, no matter which of these warrant turn in situations happens. It may not change the problem, but it can change the stress level and how your are treated by the legal system.

Please remember us if you ever find yourself in need of bail bonds or information. We are here to help you. That is our mission.