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While there are several terms used in law, ” detainer ” is one word that is not widely understood by most people. A detainer is mostly concerned with criminal law and is applied when a person already in custody is held further sometimes due to a pending charge. More clearly stated, a detainer is a request ( written or statement) to hold further a criminal defendant.

This request is mostly filed by a criminal justice agency connected to the institution in which the prisoner is incarcerated. The prisoner is either held for the agency, or the institution notifies the agency upon the impending release of the prisoner. What a detainer proposes to the prisoner is this; that as soon as the original period of incarceration elapses, there will be a continued institutionalization.


How does a detainer affect a prisoner?

Certain credits such as some months off for participating in certain training programs are given to prisoners. The emergence of a detainer for a prisoner immediately rids the prisoner of any of such credits, it also fills the prisoner with devastation, anxiety and apprehension. This, in turn, obstructs the prisoners’ journey to rehabilitation as he rarely is affected by his training programs.

Can an attorney help with a detainer?

The good news here is this;  the presence of a competent attorney can cancel the presence of a detainer on a prisoner. The attorney’s knowledge of such pending charges upon which a detainer is placed on his client is very crucial at this point. The competent attorney can have these charges dismissed or disposed of. Thus, the institution then clears all pending charges on the prisoner, and the prisoner is free to go as soon as the period of incarceration elapses.

While the knowledge that a detainer has been placed on a prisoner can bring about much gloom and sadness to the prisoner, the knowledge that there exists a competent attorney to help dismiss the detainer is usually one which carries with it so much hope and joy.


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