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Have you ever heard of a restraining order? If yes, then you have an idea as to what a protective order entails. A protective order is usually issued in cases such as sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking or harassment. This order is usually issued in an attempt to protect a person, company, business, or establishment.

What does a protective order entail?

The significance of a protective order is to ban an accused abuser from contacting or interfering in the lives of the alleged victims. Some alleged victims also request the court to place a ” no contact ” provision, in that all forms of communication, either through email, telephone, notes, deliveries, etc, be prohibited. A cease abuse order may also be placed by the court instructing the alleged abuser not to either abuse or harass anyone.

In the case where the victim and the abuser are cohabitating in the same household, the court can order the abuser to leave, notwithstanding if the house is in the abuser’s name and custody of the children can be granted to the victim. The abuser may also be ordered to pay certain costs such as child support, household bills, and to attend counseling sessions.

What are the benefits of a protective order?

A protective order protects the victims from future abuse which may arise in the absence of such an order. Violence, sexual assault, harassment, stalking, and similar abuses will hopefully abruptly stop. When the abuser violates the order, the victim has every right to inform the police, the police would then sign a criminal content for contempt of the court order by the abuser. Some states impose a one thousand dollar fine together with a one year sentence.

It should be noted that anybody who is a victim of family violence, stalking, harassment, sexual assault, and human trafficking is eligible for a protective order, especially if such cases are likely to reoccur.


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