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Being arrested can be a very stressful time. At Chances Bail Bonds you have our commitment when it

comes to having your friend or relative release from Jail. Because we understand how tough and inconvenient

times can be, below we have listed a few helpful tips and advice you should gather before making bail bond arrangements.


* Make sure you have the full legal name and Date of Birth for the person arrested

* Gather the nature and the reasons behind why your loved one may have been arrested

* If possible knowing the arrested individual”s criminal history is helpful (probation,parole,previous arrest,protective orders etc)

* Ties to the community. How long has the individual arrested been in the immediate area

* Citizenship Status immigration alone is a difficult hurdle when trying to be release from jail

*Child Support obligations (if arrested for child support cash bonds are set most of the time)

If arrested in Fairfax County inmates are generally taken to the location shown below. The courthouse is next door to the detention center. The Magistrates office is located there also. If you would like to bail a friend or relative out of jail give us a call and we would love to help you thru the Bail Bond process! (703) 591-2245 or (877) 787-3380 Fast, Quick, and Affordable