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How to deal with being arrested

We think that being arrested ranks right up there in the worst experiences a person can go through. How you respond to the experience, in that situation, can create more trouble for you than you might realize.

A drunk, high, or frightened person can make poor decisions, and have no ability to cope with being arrested in a rational manner. This blog post is for the people who can think with a clear head during this process.

Here are a few links that have good information. We’ll summarize our feelings after them.

How to deal with police:


Another excellent video:

Here’s some truth about DUI arrests: the audio is a little off, but the advice is good.

What we know at Chances Bail Bonds:

  1. A police officer’s job is to arrest you to keep you from being a danger to yourself and others. They are very serious about this.
  2. The police will treat you differently if you have a previous record, or are pending charges on a different case.
  3. Be cool, do not get upset.
  4. Do not get violent, they will respond with rougher treatment.
  5. Always, always be polite
  6. Do not, under any circumstances, discuss anything with the police before or after your Miranda Rights.
  7. If you are asked questions and you need say something, this is it: “Officer, I will make a statement after consulting with a lawyer. Thank you.” We can’t stress this enough, do not discuss the charges until after you have spoken to a lawyer.
  8. Continue to be cool, even if you are really upset. You can freak out all you want after you have obtained bail.

The absolute best thing you can do, just like with a fist fight, is not to be there in the first place. Don’t become a criminal. You’ve got other choices, use them.

We hope you don’t end up dealing with an arrest, but we are here to help you if the magistrate grants you bail. Contact us 24/7.