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Bail Bonds in Alexandria

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Alexandria, Virginia detention center

The Alexandria city Adult penitentiary is a “New Generation” jail located handily just off I- 95 at 2001 Mill Road in Alexandria, Virginia 22314. the powerhouses local, state and federal prisoners.

The Alexandria detention center management is based on the “New Generation” jail philosophy; a most modern and humane approach over traditional linear-style institutions. The “New Generation” philosophy is a combination of management vogue and field style that facilitates will increase employees and inmates contact and works to cut back tension and improve security within the correctional setting. Usually, an individual incarcerated within the detention center has had a bond a group by the magistrate, 703.838.4515. The bonds are also paid or organized with a bondsman (24 hours each day, seven days a week) at the Magistrate’s workplace, located at the doorway to the penitentiary.

Exceptions and time-frame for Alexandria Bail Bonds

There are times during the day once bail cannot be posted for the count and operational purposes. the normal time it takes to post a bond at the Alexandria town Adult detention center is one to four hours.

Requirements to Admission to Bail a Virginia Bail Bonding laws

When arrested on a criminal misdemeanor or felony charge, defendants are brought ahead of the magistrate for the purpose of a bond hearing. Magistrates decide the terms of bail according to these criteria.

The magistrate may release the accused on a written promise to seem in court with or without an unsecured bail bond. However, if the magistrate is not reasonably sure that the accused can appear for trial, he or she has the discretion to want the execution of a bail bond with surety in a cheap quantity and impose such alternative conditions deemed moderately necessary to ensure appearance at trial. The monetary sum of the bail bond is lost if the accused fails to appear in court or violates any condition of bail. If the defendant poses an unreasonable danger to him or others, or if it’s likely that the accused won’t appear in court, the official may hold the accused in jail without bail.

In the event this takes place, the defendant can seem before the choose for arraignment court the next morning. For more details contact our skilled employees.

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