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Part 2


The preliminary hearing happens next. This is to decide whether or not there is enough evidence to move the case to a full jury trial. If the prosecutors present enough evidence, then the case will be bound over for a grand jury trial.


This is also the point where you can attempt to make a plea bargain: a deal aimed to reduce your sentence. If the judged accepts your deal, the case will never make it to a grand jury. When the judge declines your deal, the trial moves forward.


A full grand jury trial is where your lawyer and the prosecution’s lawyer attempt to present evidence and witnesses that support their cases. (Please be aware that choosing a lawyer that specializes in criminal law is important.) Guilt or innocence  will be decided upon by the jury. If convicted, the judge will determine the sentence, based on severity of the crime and the state guidelines.


In the case of the jury being unable to make a decision, the judge will declare a mistrial. The trial will be rescheduled for a later date with a new jury.


Depending on your lawyer’s advice, you may be able to appeal the verdict of the grand jury. Your legal counsel will help you through this process.


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