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Part 1.


Getting arrested is stressful, and it is very difficult to keep a clear head and be aware of what will happen next. There is a definite process at work that you need to keep in mind.


After being arrested in Virginia for a criminal activity they will read your Miranda Rights, then you will be taken to the station to be booked. They will collect your personal items, fingerprint you, photograph you, and process you into the system.


Then you will be brought before a magistrate. Based on the crime that you are accused of, the magistrate will schedule and set bail.


Generally 72 hours after appearing before the magistrate, you will be arraigned before a district judge. The judge will read the charge and you are formally asked to enter a plea. There are three plea options you can choose: guilty; not guilty; or no contest. Most people do not admit to guilt at this point.


This also functions as your bail hearing. You will be asked to present good reasons why you should be allowed to be released from jail until your other hearings take place. Assuming you make a good case for being released on your own recognizance (taking responsibility to show up for your court case), you will be allowed to contact a bail bondsman from jail.


This is where Chances Bail Bonds comes in. You contact us, and we take things from there. We will post your bond, and you will be released until the next step in the Virginia criminal law process takes place.